Want a chance for you to share your story with me!  Tell me about your first or favorite journal.  What did it look like? What were you writing about that made it so endearing?  What is your relationship with journaling today?

Here’s my story:

I started journaling in the 8th grade when my English teacher Mrs. Lyons made it a daily event in the classroom.  An old blue folder with three brads down the middle was as fancy as it got back then.  Inside were all the many dramas of my life, mostly which centered around a bad boy, Allen Kientz, that  my mother didn’t want me seeing. (Who I saw anyway….but mostly between the pages of the journal.)  Looking back years later, it was clear from the amount of writing that I did about that guy that 8th grade was the year I went boy-crazy.  It was also the year I fell in love with writing.  The boys came and went, but words have remained my closest friends.