A marketplace for handmade and vintage items. My etsy shop…soon to be up and running. Fabulous free graphics.  This site is overflowing with creativity.  The author/artist, Sark,  has an inspiring story.  Jennifer Louden is a pro at teaching us to take care of ourselves.  This is a great place to visit virtually or in person.  It makes you happy to be part of the world!  Making your life a work of art starts with your family.  Erin Whitney is helping families create loving connections.  (By the way, I designed the bird in her logo.)

nurtured heart kids      Hardworking, edgy band of artist. 


 Check out the Wig Out Party at KSpace Contemporary.  

wigout 2008

That’s hubby and me in our Wig Out regalia.  Yes, I am wearing a handmade condom crown!  What do you expect, I was the Safe Sex Goddess.  Goddess, may I have another?  Yes, you may!

…………..more faves coming soon…………