July 2005

July 2005

About five years ago, during a lunar eclipse, Eric, my honey and eventual husband, sat on the edge of a country road looking up at the moon. Hours away, with my feet in the water of Corpus Christi Bay, I looked up at the same glowing globe, wishing I were closer to him. That was the night he told me over the phone of the childhood adventures he had gone on with his grandmother out to that very strip of land he nestled down on to watch the stars.  Scattered with a line of trees and bushes, she affectionately called this special place Laughing Lane.

Her name was Laura, but everyone who ever knew her called her Tot. The land has been in their family for generations. But, for Tot, it was her own personal connection to nature’s bounty. She had picked dewberries and mushrooms there in her youth, going on to share the tradition with her children, grandchildren and extended family. When I met her, shortly after the eclipse, she reveled in telling stories of days-gone-by. She often recalled heading out to the fence line with a basket for the berries. Discovering that the mushrooms had grown, Tot would pass her basket off to someone else, so she could harvest the fungal delights. She loved those wild edibles and later taught my husband to find them. This shared knowledge became one of their ways of connecting.

That night of the eclipse, we began talking about a life together. Even though I was on the coast, and he, hours inland, I felt like I was there with him, like perhaps I had traveled there on a far-reaching moonbeam. We are both artist, so as we talked about blending our hopes and dreams, it felt like life had become our canvas. That was the night Laughing Lane Studios was imagined. It started as metaphor for living and has become a concept for encompassing all the ways art touches our life.

I hope you will find the same feeling of magic here that we found under the eclipsing moon. Feelings of possibility, creativity, and connection. Welcome to Laughing Lane!